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Civil Engineering

Aldgate Construction Company Limited Civil Engineering

Aldgate Construction Company Limited is a provider of oilfield road and location construction and trucking services. We have top-of-line equipment, coupled with stringent maintenance schedules.

Aldgate Construction Company Limited has the equipment necessary to provide trucking and dirt services for operators looking for value and experience from their contracting partners within our operating regions. We offer a single source for oilfield construction and transportation needed that includes new, heavy-duty oilfield rigged trucks, trailers, and an impressive fleet of dirt equipment. >Aldgate Construction Company Limited can meet virtually any construction and mobilization need an Operator might encounter. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and are constantly in the process of upgrading our equipment to provide our customers with the best, most efficient operating equipment in the region.

In the process of upgrading to be the best, most efficient service company in the region, Our new Roustabout division has the knowledge and ability to service all of the Operators existing well sites and pipelines, as well as any new well hookup, and flow back well testing. >Aldgate Construction Company Limited is well positioned, which allows for maximum efficiency to ensure the operator will meet their well economic objectives.

Our experienced personnel are knowledgeable regarding proper environmental regulations and our network of contacts allow us to maximize job site efficiency, completing required permitting, and other processes in a quick and efficient manner. Better Days Drilling Services offers experienced consultation, support, management, and willingness to offer construction within the oil and natural gas industry.

Aldgate Construction Company Limited prides itself on responding quickly to your construction and transportation needs by implementing a wide range of well-maintained equipment, trucks and trailers. We take an active interest in achieving your operational and economic objectives. Responsiveness, trust, and reliability are important to the way we do business. Every job benefits from experienced crews and management, resulting in unparalleled performance and consistency that is needed in the oil and natural gas industry. Check back often as we are currently adding to our already extensive fleet.


We provide fully integrated service company that provides services to the oil and gas and geothermal industries.


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